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A Social Trading Application for achieving the most profit out of your cryptocurrency holdings by following top-earning crypto influencers’ trading moves.

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Crypto Trading League

Frequent trading competitions are being held, sometimes in collaboration with famous exchanges. Participate to win League Prizes! All you need to do is to connect your current exchange API!

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Subscribe High Earning Crypto Influencers

You are not good at trading? No worries, in League of Traders with one click automatically copy the trades of another trader and earn what they earn!

Be the first to know when top crypto influencers you follow buy or sell tokens by subscribing to them. When a user chooses to subscribe to a trader within the app they will be able to view a detailed crypto profit report, holdings portfolio, trading history, and postings log of the particular trader they follow. Users will also be immediately notified if a user they follow makes a trade or posting.

League of Traders provides:
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    Trading Style
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    Profitable Trade Ratio
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    Risk Data
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    Holding tokens
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    Trade History
Crypto Community Board

Follow other crypto traders within the League of Traders to gain insight on coin updates and trends. Or share your own insights to others as well!

The League of Traders provides a new outlook of competing with fellow traders in terms of crypto earnings over a given amount of time.

By using the League of Traders users save time and money by simply following in the steps of their favorite cryptocurrency influencer.

(Web version of community board will be launched soon)

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Lots of crypto influencers already using League of Traders.

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League of Traders

Start League of Traders and be the top.

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