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Information about points!

*please read the previous post information about Challenge before this. • [Important] Information about using and earning Points? -When the challenge ends in a “Win”, the challenge creator will “earn” all the Points that other users paid to unlock it. -When the challenge ends in a “Lose” or “Draw”, the Points will be “refunded” to the users who unlocked it. -Points earned from the challenge will be paid to the challenge creator within 3-working days. • General Information about Points? -You can purchase Points from the in-app purchase. (You can find it in your Profile and the (P) icon.) -The free points in your profile from the League of Traders event has expired, but we’ve doubled the Points to the traders who have purchased it during the event. -When you have over 50,000 Points in the app, you may exchange it back into money. If you have any further questions, you may contact us through the in-app support which you can find on your profile page. Or you may send us an email to support@leagueoftraders.io /League of Traders


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