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League of Traders EN


[OKEx X League of Traders Trading Competition]

Hello, this is League of Traders. We are announcing a new trading competition, this time with OKEx! • Participant benefits     By just participating, everyone will be eligible for:     -One chicken (brand not decided)     -20,000 won in cash     -20% transaction fee discount (if joined through below link)     -20 USD transaction fee discount coupon (to 10 winners by lottery) • Prize Pool     -0.25 BTC (under 25 participants)     -0.5 BTC (25 ~ 50 participants)     -1 BTC (51 ~ 100 participants)     -1.5 BTC (101 ~ 150 participants)     -2 BTC (over 150 participants) • Time Period (in KST)     -April 14 12:00 (Noon) ~ April 28 11:59, 2 weeks • Winning Criteria     -Based on League of Traders’ displayed profit rate     (Competition rules will be announced in detail) • How to participate?     1. Register an OKEx account through this link (https://www.okex.com/join/1878582599)     2. Deposit 0.1 BTC to the created account (withdrawal is prohibited until the end of the competition)     3. Connect the created OKEx account’s API to the League of Traders app     4. Join the OKEx X League of Traders Trading Competition     ** Chicken and 20,000won cash will be given to all participants. If you haven’t used OKEx yet, please try it out! 🙂


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