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League of Traders EN
League of Traders EN


OKEx Event Winners Week 2

Time: 30th June - 6th July Congratulations to our Winners!!!  24h Ranking Winners:  웨하아아 - 3x Wins (30USD Prize) 조율이 - 2x Wins (20USD Prize) 언젠가는 - 2x Wins (10USD Prize, Max 3 times) 호롤라 - 1x Win (10USD Prize) 하마시그널 - 1x Win (10USD Prize) 7-days Ranking Winners:  웨하아아 - (30USD Prize) 조율이 - (30USD Prize) There are 2 more weeks left to participate! For more info about the event: https://leagueoftraders.io/post/5ef3059bc4839072d316483ap


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