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The Probability And Impacts Of Bitcoin - Part 3/3

In the end, a complete reordering of the entire global economic system will need to occur as the world economy stalls in its depreciating orbit and is caught in the gravity of, well, the Bitcoin- The new world reserve currency. Millions of people are bound to lose their fixed income, 401K, life-savings. cash, and bonds to hyper-inflation. At the same time, Bitcoiners have now become the new global face of wealth and leisure, bringing in freedom, altruistic endeavors and floating over the waves of devalued dollars in an ocean of paper money. The Federal government scrambles as their financial instruments begin fail completely. There is a physical struggle for control over the people who have decided to free themselves as the power structure decentralizes. Cryptocurrency exchanges become our new economic pillars funneling the monetary energy into and out of the old financial matrix we were all so wrapped up in at one point. As people desperately attempt to secure a handful of Satoshis, the price of a full Bitcoin moves completely out of sight, and well beyond the average speculative investment level — the “I’ll just get a coin for $100” are absolute history…If only you did. The haves and the have-nots are reordered into the early adopters and the latecomers, those with Bitcoin and those without. - The Venturistic Aussie


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