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League of Traders EN
League of Traders EN


[Phemex League Winners]

The Phemex New Year’s League has concluded and we would like to take this chance to thank all of you who participated and also congratulate all the winners. Participation • 263x traders Rank and Prize • 1st: 0.525 BTC - TakionoTrader 1,389.51% • 2nd: 0.375 BTC - TEN10 965.48% • 3rd: 0.225 BTC - lala1004 3rd 707.98% • 4th: 0.075 BTC - donzakadu 518.90% • 5th: 0.075 BTC - TrevorBalthrop 297.15% • 6th: 0.045 BTC - Timba77 291.04% • 7th: 0.045 BTC - Amy 265.85% • 8th: 0.045 BTC - lala1004 4th 240.33% • 9th: 0.045 BTC - Julian231 226.34% • 10th: 0.045 BTC - Noor444 201.60% The Prize will be distributed within a 7-working day period along with the The Trading Volume bonus and the New Sign Up bonus to the eligible participants. All prizes will be deposited to your Phemex account. The bonuses may arrive at different times. One Phemex account will be chosen for the prize/bonus deposit if you have connected more than one Phemex account to the same League of Traders account. Please look forward to the next event that will be announced at a later date! See you in the League! /League of Traders


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