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3rd BitMEX Trading Competition! (Feb 10 - Mar 3)

The long awaited BitMEX competition is back! From February 10th, League of Traders will be holding the 3rd trading competition on BitMEX! [Event Details] Please see all the details from the event page: https://event.leagueoftraders.io/bitmex/third [Competition Period] Feb 10th 2021 12pm (UTC+9) - Mar 3rd 2021 12pm (UTC+9) (Participation is allowed during the competition period, until 2 days before the end.) [Prize] A prize pool of up to 4BTC! See details of prize pool bracket and winner prize distribution on the event page (link above). [Participation Requirement] Minimum Balance 0.03BTC [Bonus] * Participation 30 USD Every participant is eligible for a 30 USD bonus after at least one trade is made. * New Sign Up 30 USD Participants who don't have a BitMEX account yet and join through the link below will receive an additional 30 USD Bonus as well as 10% trading fee discount for 6 months. https://bit.ly/bitmex-lot * Social Media 100 USD Be selected to receive the cash bonus for sharing about the competition on your social media. [How to Participate] 1. Sign up on BitMEX through https://bit.ly/bitmex-lot For a 30 USD bonus and 10% trading fee discount for 6 months. (You can use your existing account if you already have one.) 2. Connect your BitMEX account to League of Traders. Guide: http://bit.ly/bitmex-api-guide 3. You are confirmed if you find yourself in the Rank Leaderboard - “League” tab (3rd BitMEX League). For further questions please contact us at: support@leagueoftraders.io Event Page: https://event.leagueoftraders.io/bitmex/third May the best Trader win! /League of Traders


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