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League of Traders EN
League of Traders EN


Ver. 1.7 and Introducing Pro Features

A huge update has arrived to League of Traders!  In this version we have updated the Ranking Leaderboard to accommodate the growing demand of trading competitions on the platform. We will also introduce the upcoming PRO features of League of Traders.  RANKING LEADERBOARD - Each Competition will have a dedicated page, accessible by swiping left or right from the Ranking Leaderboard page.  - The old 24h, 30days, All-time rankings will be accessible by the drop down button from the Main Leaderboard.  - List of League page has been added to give a better overview of the existing and passed Leagues. It can be accessed from the Ranking Leaderboard page.  PORTFOLIO -Visual updates and UI improvements.  WIDGETS -Home screen widget to to keep track of your portfolio status (iOS only) PRO FEATURES The pre-released PRO features will be available for iOS users as a free trial until the official release. Some of these PRO features may be changed during the official release and more will be added.  (Android will come soon at a later date.) PRO features includes: - Summary Page, accessed through your portfolio, allowing every user to see how much they have been profiting, withdrawing and depositing during a selected period of time.  - Open Orders, allowing every user to see their open orders.  - Close Position and Cancel Orders, every user who does leverage trading will be able to CLOSE their positions and CANCEL orders by LONG PRESSING the corresponding positions and orders in their own portfolio. (Supporting FTX and BitMEX, more will be added recurringly.) We hope you will like the changes. /League of Traders


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