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League of Traders EN
League of Traders EN


The FTX League has started!

The FTX First Trading Competition has officially begun! (Participation is possible until Apr 6th 12pm UTC+9.) •Participants are eligible to get a 30 USD bonus as well as 15% trading fee discount when they participate and register with the link below throughout the competition. https://ftx.com/#a=league •You can receive up to 600 USD Trading Volume bonus during the competition. •Users who cannot find themselves in the “FTX League” although you are eligible, you might have to manually press the “join” button on the FTX League tab. Please see the image below. • Participants with trouble connecting FTX to League of Traders, please follow this youtube guide: https://youtu.be/ysF3riUvo1w Have fun and may the best trader win! /League of Traders For detailed event info visit: https://event.leagueoftraders.io/ftx/first For support please contact: support@leagueoftraders.io


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