[BitMEX 8th League Winners]
The BitMEX 8th Trading Competition has concluded and congratulations to all the winners! This time we introduced the Copy Trading feature into this competition where participants can either choose to become a Copy Leader and be copyable by someone else, or Copy Trade other participants. Since this feature is new, some participants had a difficult time understanding how it worked. Until next time, we will work hard on improving the UI as well as giving better incentives to the Copy Leaders! Participation • 217x traders Rank and Prize 🥇1st: 0.08 BTC - COIN TRAVEL-03 233.57% 🥈2nd: 0.06 BTC - sweta-2 233.19% 🥉3rd: 0.04 BTC - KAGA-01 165.45% 🔹4th: 0.01 BTC - I_ROBOT-01 157.96% 🔹5th: 0.01 BTC - ssin-2 63.14% The Prize will be distributed within a 5-working day period along with the bonuses to the eligible participants. All prizes will be deposited to your BitMEX account. The bonuses may arrive at different times. One BitMEX account will be chosen for the prize/bonus deposit if you have connected more than one BitMEX account to the same League of Traders account. Please look forward to the next BitMEX Trading Competition that will be announced at a later date! Congratulations to the Winners! /League of Traders
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