Date: 2024.06.03

Enforcement date: 2024.06.03

Article 1 (Object)

The purpose of this standard is to specify all aspects of the use, exchange, or expiration of the various points provided by the League of Traders (hereinafter referred to as "service") or its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as the "alliance").

Article 2 (Definitions of Terms)

The terms used in this standard are defined as follows:

① point is the value that a member (hereinafter referred to as a "member" or "members") who created and subscribed to League of Traders can accumulate and use the account in "service" and "alliance", and the type shall be according to the following.

A. "Point" refers to the value generated or transmitted through which "members" earn points from the service, or are accrued as benefits through functions within the "service".

B. "Unrefundable point" refers to "points" that cannot be refunded for non-title event purposes, and can be arbitrarily extinguished after a certain time.

② Terminology not set out in this standard shall comply with the terms and conditions of the "Service".

Article 3 (Application target)

This standard applies to "members" who have registered and subscribed to accounts through League of Traders "Service".

Article 4 (set aside points)

"Members" may earn certain points depending on the use of the functions within the "Service".

① For the "Challenge" function within the "Service" at present, 70% of the points paid within the "Service" can be earned by the use of "Members". In this case, the "challenge" function is completed 72 hours later, and the points on which the refund is applied are excluded.

① You can check the "Points" reserves that are not set out in paragraph 1 through the "Service" website or mobile application.

Article 5 (how points are used)

The terms used in this standard are defined as follows:

① The use method for each type of "point" shall be as specified in the following subparagraph.

(1) Points can be used to activate paid functions of "exchange" among functions within "service".

(2) Points can be used to activate paid functions of "subscribe" among functions within "service".

② You can check the use of the "Point" specified in paragraph 1 on the "Service" website or mobile application.

③ The ranking of deduction based on the use of the earned "points" is based on the order of the accumulated dates. However, if "service" is otherwise determined and directed, we will follow suit.

Article 6 (exchange of points)

"Members" are points accumulated within "service"

① Accumulated points can be redeemed within the "service" for coupons or tokens, among other items. Products eligible for redemption will be notified through a separate page.

Article 7 (restrictions on the use of points, etc.)

① "Points" are not subject to transfer and are not compatible or combined with other types of points. However, if "service" is decided differently and guided through the service's homepage or mobile application, we will follow the instructions provided.

Article 8 (Decimation of "Points")

① "Points" may be used within the expiration date specified in each of the following subparagraphs, and expired points will automatically expire in monthly units.

(1) The expiration date of "Point" is two years from the date of installment, and if a member leaves, it may expire immediately.

② Notwithstanding paragraph 1, the earned "point" will automatically expire if the "member" corresponds to 1 of each of the following: However, in the case of No. 1 or No. 3, only the "points" accumulated shall be covered.

(1) In the event that an application for admission was illegally issued through false or son-in-law or other means.

(2) In case "service" is used for unhealthy purposes disguised as buying goods

(3) In case "service" is used by means of theft, forgery, etc.

(4) In case the information in "members" is deleted at the request of the law or "members"

(5) In the event of abuse of other "service" errors or non-common circumstances.

Article 9 (Change of Standards)

① If you change these terms and conditions, notify the website or mobile application of the changes.

② In the case of subparagraphs, if the member does not express his intention to leave the member within one month from the date of notification, the member shall notify by specifying that he or she agrees to change the change.

③ If the member does not raise an objection by the scheduled date, the changed agreement shall be considered to be approved.

Article 10 (Compliance Rules)

Items not set out in this standard shall be subject to the relevant statutes, the standard terms and conditions of the members and their correlation.

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